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Local fire information Who do I talk to about burning green waste, etc. on my property?

In Queensland the use of fire is controlled through the volunteer Fire Warden network.  Fire Wardens are voluntary officers responsible for safe rural fire management within their community. Fire Wardens control the use of fire through the issue of Permits to Light Fire. Once you have spoken to the Warden, you can request that the burn be carried out by the Rural Fire Brigade as a training or hazard reduction exercise. It is acceptable to make a donation to the Brigade as a method of showing your appreciation.(speak to the first officer with regards to donations.)


Who is my Warden?

The Fire Wardens for the Closeburn Fire Brigade Region are:


Myles Boon- 0409 661 353 Closeburn/Cedar Creek

Paul Outen- 0413 161 396 Closeburn/Cedar Creek Deputy Fire Warden


If I see smoke or fire do I call the station?

No. the first call when you suspect a fire is to 000 (fire). Give the operator a description of what you see, where it is & your contact details. The operator will prompt you for further details if required. The Firecom operator will then alert whichever Brigade covers the area of the incident & task them to the fire.








Can I ask advice on Fire Safety & Home Preparation?

Yes. A quick call to the station can arrange for a qualified Firefighter to visit your property & give you advice on preparing your home to best protect you & and your investment. There is no charge for this or any other Brigade assistance, but a donation is always welcome.


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